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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional coaching focuses on
creating outcomes, managing personal growth/change, and setting goals. The role of a
coach is to help an individual strategize, understand any obstacles they are facing, and
create a clear plan to achieve professional and personal goals. A therapist is a trained
mental health care professional who specializes in giving diagnostic tests, performing
psychotherapy, and administering programs to help individuals.

 Coaching differs from therapy in the sense that it focuses on the present and mostly the future. Coaching does not go into any form
of psychotherapy for trauma informed therapy. Therapy and coaching are both evidence based and use dialogue to evoke
conversation. Therapy focuses mainly on the past, present, and sometimes future. Coaching and therapy can be similar in some
ways, but a coach is not a trained mental health professional. Therapy typically deals with deeper mental health issues whereas
coaching is used for professional and personal development.

 We will work to set overarching goals for our time together during our initial session. During each session the
client will come with a topic they’d like to work on. At the end of each session you will have action items to
complete which create a structure for achieving your goals. In group coaching sessions, the topics will be chosen
ahead of time when the outlines for the coaching relationship are being formed.

You’ll receive a follow up email after each ongoing session. This will have your action items from the previous session. Prior to your first session, you will have to fill out a few questionnaires. There is no additional prep aside from completing the agreed upon action items in between each session.
We meet once every two weeks or once a month depending on your plan.

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